Initially the Basecoop is a venture capital division.
It is a proposed venture capital company and a proposed association of co-operatives and non-profit entities.

Purpose of the Basecoop
To support non-profit entities that serve to meet people's basic needs and provide basic infrastructure as well as efforts to take over basic infrastructure from for-profit companies.
The Basecoop will be for the benefit of the customers of its co-operatives and other member entities, proposed to operate worldwide.

The Basecoop wants:
• to establish co-operatives which will offer basic goods
• to establish non-profit entities for the provision of basic infrastructure needed by the people
• to make efforts to bring back monopolistic infrastructure to the people or municipality.

Why you should support this project:
The financial elite is working on the complete enslavement of the people.
All monopolistic infrastructure needed by the people for a basic living standard (for example water supply and power supply) shall be privatized to for-profit corporations.
The customers have not just to pay for the product but also for the benefit of rich people.
What happen when a for-profit company acquires monopolistic infrastructure:
The prices go up and the maintenance of the infrastructure is neglected.
The potential for monopoly infrastructure to charge high fees and provide poor service has long been recognised.
How they do it: Governments are lurged into more and more debts. Then they are forced to privatize their assets (monopolistic infrastructure). See the example Greece.
So please support Basecoop that it can work against privatisation of monopolistic infrastructure to for-profit companies so that all people can have a dignified life.

Details for capital provider
Capital provisions directly to the Basecoop's account are not possible yet, if you indent to provide capital please subscribe at SESEL.
Terms and conditions:
Provided capital is provided interest-free and without return demand. Re-payment requests can be processed only if there are reserves.
Risk disclaimer: Consider a loss, you may not be able to recover the provided capital especially as long as there is undercapitalization.
Any financial contributions now are considered as donations however they will be credited as Beneficiary Claims with the chance to get the funds back.

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